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Winter Fun – Great Dane Sytle

Polly loves snow. I mean, she really loves snow. And it’s even more fun with Ty. Best dog snow day ever!

Autumn in Colorado

Autumn in the high country has arrived in full force. Bold, vivid colors; warm days and cool nights; a time of transition from busy summer to quiet winter. Fall never seems to last long enough to suit me, so I spend as much time as…

Happy National Dog Day

A day just for dogs- get crazy! From our pups to yours, Happy National Dog Day! Polly the Great Dane Gypsy the Rat Terrier And Ty the Boxer mix  

Courageous Cain is in Print!

Courageous Cain is now available in print! A portion of each sale goes to Big Bones Canine Rescue.

Between the Trees and the Sky

There is a mysterious space between the trees and sky. The tops of the tallest trees live there, birds fly there, and sometimes it’s home to clouds and sun. That’s when the magic happens. Get outside on a fine summer’s eve. Invite a friend…

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! To honor the day, I’m sharing my little corner of the world, in all four seasons. Spring – new life as the cycle begins again. Summer –  wildflowers and long days Fall – an explosion of color Winter – silent and stunning And…

Spring Storm in Colorado

We are enjoying a typical spring storm in the mountains. But if you look close there’s nothing typical about it. Snow softens the tones and textures of the landscape and lends drama to the sky. It brings out the animals and birds to feed….

It’s National Puppy Day!

It seems like there are national days for just about everything–but puppies? Now that’s special! In honor of the day, I present to you a progression of Polly puppy pics. This is what happens over the course of a year, just 365 short days,…

Book Sale!

Courageous Cain on sale now! Cain killed six women with no mercy. But it wasn’t his fault, he did exactly what he was trained to do.

I Survived Another NaNoWriMo

November was National Novel Writing Month. What a ride-50,000 words in thirty days. This was my fifth year and, as always, was challenging, frustrating, and FUN! So, in case you were wondering where I’ve been, now you know. Tied to my laptop computer that…

October Villains

October is the month for villains. See Audra Middleton’s blog for some villainous fun and enter to win 7 ebooks, 3 ecomics and an amazon gift card. Today the villain from my novel, Courageous Cain, is featured. I hope you enjoy the foray into…

Dogs in Portrait – Capturing the Moment

I spend most of my time with my dogs and as a lifelong shutterbug, I’m never far from a camera. The two come together frequently. I’m often asked how I get some of my shots, especially the action photos. It’s a waiting game. I…