Courageous Cain


Josie Shepherd loves running free, with no one and nothing to tie her down—until a new job at a kennel introduces her to both an unexpected friend and a vicious, abused dog named Cain.

When Josie stumbles upon the body of a murdered woman, she runs to Deputy Gordon Wolfe, a disfigured man hiding behind his badge. His shy smile and affection for dogs make her reconsider what she’s running from.

Now she’s on the run from a serial killer and her own heart. But when her friend is abducted and Cain appears to be the murder weapon, Josie’s attempt to save them both lands her in the killer’s lair. Josie’s strength and Cain’s loyalty are tested to the limit as they fight for their lives. Facing a killer is one thing, but facing her love for Gordon is Josie’s greatest challenge.


What people are saying about Courageous Cain

I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. I kind of stumbled across it and decided to read it because…well, dogs you know. This was a great mystery, a great serial killer story, a fun romance, and I loved the dogs. Josie Shepherd never stays in one spot too long. She just left Estes Park, Colorado and drove in her battered Jeep to Rockglen, Colorado with her best friend, Fletcher, a Border Collie. She grew up with no mother or father around, raised by a disabled grandfather and an abusive grandmother. So she is Leary of commitments. She finds a job at the local kennel, which is a great fit for her, and starts meeting some of the locals including Deputy Gordon Wolfe, who has some major issues of his own to overcome. The story takes place in 1986 and Josie, quite an athlete, stumbles over one of the victims of the “Kennel Killer” while she’s out running one day. The writing style was clear and concise. The dialogue is believable. The setting is beautiful. Take some time and read this excellent book.
I received this book from Champagne Books through Net Galley in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review. C Stout ~ Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Courageous Cain by D.J. Davis is a top-notched thriller. Having the story start with the villain’s perspective really ramped up the scary in this story but also made it a compelling read. Before that opening scene had finished I was concerned about the woman he set his sights on without even knowing her name. I had from then on a “Go-get-him” towards Cain (didn’t know his name at this point either). From there the suspense never lets up. The plot is tightly written with engrossing scenes. The characters are genuine and well- developed. The possibility of second chances is deeply ingrained in the story as well as the intrigue and suspense. Courageous Cain is a story that stays with you long after you close the last page. Impressive, remarkable are the words that come to mind for the first book for me to have read by D.J. Davis. Highly recommend.
An ARC of the book was given to me by the publisher through Net Galley. pw reader ~ Amazon

A young woman who avoids relationships gets drawn into a murder mystery in a small Colorado mountain town. Running from commitment, Josie literally runs into a crime scene, and soon becomes the next target of a crazed killer. While I don’t usually enjoy graphic depictions of violence, these details were interspersed with a love story about two wounded souls learning to trust. The lead character, Josie Shepherd, has a special relationship with dogs that is key to the whole story line. I found myself giving up a day’s housework to reach the ending. Great, action-packed, and descriptive writing. D Gaj ~ Amazon Customer