Orion’s Chance

Your DNA determines who you are…

But what if it’s not your DNA?

For Orion Chance Montgomery, life is simple. Fast cars and family. After growing up constantly on the move with his mother, he is reunited with his father, owns the car of his dreams, and has a job he loves. For the first time ever, he feels almost normal.

Until someone tries to kill him.

When his own body turns against him, things aren’t so simple anymore. He no longer knows who, or what, he is. To save his own life, Orion must uncover what makes him different…

And stop the man who will destroy everyone Orion loves to get it.


5.0 out of 5 stars Is there a Chance for Orion?

Hopefully a sequel! Read until three in the morning, plenty of intrigue, is family really on your side or part of the forces against you? The core plot (DNA) is believable and kinda scary in current global condition.
Funny moments, tender moments.
Buy it, you’ll be glad you did.