Crimson Falls

In Crimson Falls freedom isn’t guaranteed, people aren’t what they seem, and the pizza is killer.

Troyan Pryce had it all—a forensic pathology career, loving family, baby on the way—until a Mob kingpin bought her. Forced to use her special training and exceptional looks to rob men of their millions, she’s given up hope of ever having a life again, let alone finding romance. Until she meets her next mark, Assistant District Attorney Zachariah Taylor.

Detective Grace Griffin dedicated years to breaking a human trafficking ring. When her best friend, Zachariah, falls for a victim and is taken by the Mob, she must risk her life, badge, and heart to rescue him and the woman he loves. Can she save them, or will they all end up dead?


5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST read thriller

I’m a romance novel reader but haven’t read in years, this book one did not disappoint. Fast paced page turner with thrills, chills, laughs and what you want for all the characters in the end. You love them, despise some and become endeared with others. The descriptions of the fire fight without expanding on the gory details was just enough to keep you moving forward.
I completely enjoyed this book and will be recommending it to others.
Thank you both for your collaboration. I look forward to more from each of you.