Mitchell Faulconbridge was born to be sacrificed. Growing up in a cult left him shattered and alone. The vengeful Aztec goddess they worshipped destroyed his family and his trust. He challenged the goddess three times and failed to defeat her. Then at twelve years old, he was forced to kill to escape. He spent the next two decades scrubbing the memories from his mind.

Now he wants nothing more than to run his landscaping business and forget the horrors of the colony they called Calpulli. But when the cult’s spiritual leader kidnaps a child, only Mitchell knows how to find him. Calpulli drags him home where the goddess waits — and is still demanding his blood. Will the fourth time be the charm, or will the goddess claim them all?

Available in ebook and paperback.


What people are saying about Calpulli

Calpulli is DJ Davis’ best work yet. A unique and interesting plot that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. The characters are realistic and relatable with serious emotional issues from living in a cult. Threats from both human and supernatural forces combine to test the main characters. An excellent adventure that doesn’t disappoint. Trinn ~ Amazon Customer

Mitchell has left his life in a cult worshipping the Aztec goddess of love, lust and filth behind. Or so he believes. The goddess hasn’t finished with him, and he dragged once again in a dark quest to save a child. Calpulli is an intense thriller and quick read. The story alternates between Mitchell’s parents and the present time, keeping the reader on the edge at all time. I couldn’t put it down. B. Russell ~ Goodreads