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Dream Quota

A dystopian world in which dreams are more valuable than people. You’ll find my short story in:



It’s an honor to be included among this impressive group of writers. Anthology Dream Team


A collection of twenty-one original short stories by thirteen authors in the genre of Rod Serling’s beloved and iconic TV series.

Sheaves is a dystopian journey into a world where gluten poisoning was no accident.


Orion’s Chance

Your DNA determines who you are…

But what if it’s not your DNA?

For Orion Chance Montgomery, life is simple. Fast cars and family. After growing up constantly on the move with his mother, he is reunited with his father, owns the car of his dreams, and has a job he loves. For the first time ever, he feels almost normal.

Until someone tries to kill him.

When his own body turns against him, things aren’t so simple anymore. He no longer knows who, or what, he is. To save his own life, Orion must uncover what makes him different…

And stop the man who will destroy everyone Orion loves to get it.

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Road Damage

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Summer Star

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Courageous Cain

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Books By DJ Davis and TR Kerby

In Crimson Falls freedom isn’t guaranteed, people aren’t what they seem, and the pizza is killer.

Crimson Falls

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Books By TR Kerby

My coauthor and partner in crime. Click here for details.

The Runemaster
Beyond Darkness
Dragon Through Darkness
Game of Thieves
Forge of Thieves
Kingdom of Thieves

About the Author

DJ Davis lives in Colorado where the rugged high country and rich history of the state set the scene for her stories. When she’s not writing or photographing the wildlife, she frequently disappears into the wilderness with her husband and dogs.

Photo by Mike Davis


5.0 out of 5 stars  So attached to the characters

I have no idea how the author made me so attached to the characters but I loved the book and characters crying right along side them. Thank you for the wonderful read DJ Davis!

5.0 out of 5 stars  Calpulli grabs you and won’t let go

Couldn’t put this book down! Mystery is my favorite genre and I love when an author keeps me guessing, when the ending is not predictable. DJ Davis knocked it out of the park with Calpulli.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Fantastic and Awesome

This book was FANTASTIC, I had a very hard time putting it down for meals and sleeping. Glad I’m retired so I didn’t have to miss any work! The story had me laughing and crying all the way to the end. Can’t wait to get started on her next book!

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