Mountains of Suspense


As the seasons change, I get the itch to spend some serious hours at my desk to edit. The transition into the quiet, spectacular beauty of autumn in the Rockies brings reflection. Like a hectic summer of impulsive ideas and fast writing, fall is the time for me to slow down and polish those summer memories until they shine. Are you ready to work with an editor to polish your work? Champagne… Read More

Orion’s Chance My partner in crime, TR Kerby, and I are happy to announce our second novel. It was a journey with a lot of laughs along the way. The writing process included a mathematics refresher, a Nikola Tesla history lesson, and a crash course in gene therapy and virus vectors. All tied up with a coming of age protagonist with an attitude, a muscle car, and a host of characters who… Read More

Hello and welcome. I’m DJ Davis and Polly is my Great Dane. Or more accurately, I am Polly’s person. I’m a writer and my inspiration comes from my beautiful home state of Colorado. I love the wilderness and the wild things that live there, the history, and the energy. Most of my stories feature a Colorado legend, place, or piece of history. When I’m not writing, photography is my favorite hobby. Whether… Read More