Summer Star

Loner and history buff Troy Hart gets more than he bargained for when his psychic connection to the past leads him to the mountains of Colorado. The legend of buried treasure is nothing new, but falling in love is—and that’s the last thing Troy wants.
Troy’s visions of the old west are all fun and games, until the ghost of an outlaw forces Troy to fulfill his dying wish. To save his own life, and the life of the woman he loves, Troy must follow the trail of greed, betrayal and revenge on a treasure hunt for lost Civil War gold.

Now the fun is over and the game is survival as Troy battles the elements, a dead man, and his own heart deep in the remote high country.

“I adored the first book by this author but the second book held me captive to the point that dinner was almost 2 hours late. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the combination of history and current time and how the author blended both together. I would highly recommend this book on a lazy rainy day, curled up with a blanket, a nice cup of hot something and a dog curled up next to you. Or if you prefer, sitting on a sunny beach. This book will hold you and keep you from the first words to the very last. Love love loved this book. Keep writting. You have a fan for life!” ~ Amazon review by Jajlo68


Sunrise came and, Holy Moses on a moped, it was one to write home about. Orange clouds sent deep purple shadows drifting across the snowcapped peaks. Troy followed the irresistible pull in his head through aspen trees boasting new spring green. A rock, dead center in a small clearing, drew him from the trail like a magnet. The tingling in his fingertips spread to his palms and grew into an itch. Troy dropped to his knees in the mud and melting snow. The gravestone was so eroded he could barely make it out. Emma Anders, September 18, 1865.

A familiar ache pulsed behind his left eye. “You’re going to be a real bitch about this, aren’t you, Emma?” No answer. He didn’t expect one, but who knew? Stranger things had happened in the mysterious void between the past and the present. The space his joker friend Eric called “The Troy Hart Zone” and Troy called a pain in the ass.

He tented his fingers on the weathered chunk of granite and the vision flooded his senses.

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