Summer Star

Loner and history buff Troy Hart gets more than he bargained for when his psychic connection to the past leads him to the mountains of Colorado. The legend of buried treasure is nothing new, but falling in love is—and that’s the last thing Troy wants.

Troy’s visions of the old west are all fun and games, until the ghost of an outlaw forces Troy to fulfill his dying wish. To save his own life, and the life of the woman he loves, Troy must follow a trail of greed, betrayal and revenge on a treasure hunt for lost Civil War gold.

Now the fun is over and the game is survival as Troy battles the elements, a dead man and his own heart deep in the remote high country.

Amazon Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed this read. The author dips into Colorado history and combines it flawlessly with the present using unique and beautiful description, snappy dialogue, and well-developed characters. The blend of paranormal with natural events is nicely balanced and intriguing. It is fast paced, fun, and overall very entertaining. Looking forward to more by this author.”

“I couldn’t flip the page fast enough to see what was going to happen next. The characters in this story are wonderful, I couldn’t help but cheer Troy and Summer on from the second she stumbled into his life. I loved the bits of real history, mixed with the supernatural. Do yourself a favor and get this on your reading list ASAP. The second novel for DJ Davis is another hit!”

“Summer Star is both fantasy and paranormal as well as a mystery. The romance was a slow build up that I loved. The timing overall in this story was a big win. The mystery of the ghost and the treasure was suspenseful and developed slowly as opposed to a ‘big reveal’ right at the very end. Readers who enjoy a romance that builds but also unravels the mystery at just the right pace, should give this one a read. Well worth the time!”