Part 2 of the building of my tiny writer’s studio. Click here for part one.

In keeping with the KISS theory (Keep It Simple, Stupid), which always seems to work best for me, my husband and I decided the new studio would be pretty minimal. Many years ago, my father and I build some cabinets for our basement at home, and I wanted to used them for this project. Everything else was designed around them.

But first, it needed windows (and all the framing that goes along with that), insulation, wall coverings, flooring, and wiring. Having an electrician in the family didn’t hurt. Thank you, nephew!

My writing studio project was underway!

New Release

Orion’s Chance

My partner in crime, TR Kerby, and I are happy to announce our second novel. It was a journey with a lot of laughs along the way. The writing process included a mathematics refresher, a Nikola Tesla history lesson, and a crash course in gene therapy and virus vectors. All tied up with a coming of age protagonist with an attitude, a muscle car, and a host of characters who never failed to surprise us.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Available in Kindle and paperback.

If you are interested in a signed copy, contact us. We know the authors.

Your DNA determines who you are…

But what if it’s not your DNA?

For Orion Chance Montgomery, life is simple. Fast cars and family. After growing up constantly on the move with his mother, he is reunited with his father, owns the car of his dreams, and has a job he loves. For the first time ever, he feels almost normal.

Until someone tries to kill him.

When his own body turns against him, things aren’t so simple anymore. He no longer knows who, or what, he is. To save his own life, Orion must uncover what makes him different…

And stop the man who will destroy everyone Orion loves to get it.

It had to be small, warm, and welcoming. It had to be rustic and charming. It had to be off-grid friendly and work with our solar system. It had to be mobile so if I move I can take it with me.

And it had to be cheap. Wait… bad choice of terms. Well within the limited budget I had for such a project. There, that sounds better.

A year later, it is all that—and so much more.

But let’s go back to the beginning. Life in a 700 square foot, one bedroom, one bathroom cabin that I share with my husband and three dogs doesn’t leave much for room space hogging writerly things like books (so many books!), desk, files, printers, and the big one: privacy.

I am not one of those writers who functions well in coffee shops or on subways. To be honest, I’ve never been on a subway in my life so I’m guessing here, but I know my best writing comes when I’m surrounded by the sounds of nature. A trickling stream, birds, wind in the trees. The noise of a radio, TV, or people pulls me out of that creative sweet spot when I’m in the zone.

The goal was a private place to write and unless I wanted to sequester myself in the cabin bathroom (which, face it, can only be private for so long) we had to look elsewhere. The combination of limited budget and limited time meant doing it ourselves, but with a head start. I have long been enamored with the tiny house movement, and the idea of a tiny writing studio on wheels was perfect.

Last winter we bought a used trailer and ordered a shed shell from a local company. And my tiny studio project had begun.

Among the Elk

Elk hold a special place in my heart. They are wild, free, and majestic. They also have their silly, playful moments. To be close enough to smell them and hear the chirping calls of the cows to their calves is an unforgettable experience. A day among the elk is pure soulshine.

This was my day not long ago. And it was spectacular.

Hello and welcome. I’m DJ Davis and Polly is my Great Dane. Or more accurately, I am Polly’s person. I’m a writer and my inspiration comes from my beautiful home state of Colorado. I love the wilderness and the wild things that live there, the history, and the energy. Most of my stories feature a Colorado legend, place, or piece of history.

When I’m not writing, photography is my favorite hobby. Whether I’m out exploring the mountains or at my writing desk, Polly is my constant companion.

She is a force of nature. All personality and everyone’s buddy. Polly has been my best friend since she was five weeks old. Hard to beleive she is now six years old.

We wanted a place to share our books, adventures, and photos. Also some book reviews, random thoughts, and whatever else comes to mind—and there’s no telling what’s going to pop into a Great Dane’s mind (or a writer’s mind) at any given moment. If you’re familiar with Maraduke and Scooby-Doo, you know those creators must have had at least one Dane in their lives.