Free Gift – Road Damage

Free ebook edition of Road Damage available on Kindle until Thursday, November 10, 2022, 11:59 PM PST.

No strings, no sign-ups; just a free book.

Just because.

On the mountain, safety is an illusion. Control is a dream. And survival isn’t guaranteed.

Jimmy Swain isn’t just a driver; he’s an angel in a tow truck, rescuing motorists from the most deadly route on the peak. But when the mountain itself is angry, even the locals aren’t safe and the city slickers don’t stand a chance.

When a freak storm traps Jimmy and an eclectic group of strangers on a high pass in unthinkable conditions, panic sets in. It’s up to Jimmy to keep them alive and he’s never lost anyone yet. That’s about to change.

Surviving the elements is hard enough, but something worse than bad weather lurks in the icy darkness.

They said it wasn’t real. They said it was a legend. 

They were wrong.

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