I am the Acquisitions Manager and a content editor for Champagne Book Group. CBG has been publishing quality electronic fiction since 2004.

Debbie Davis, Acquisitions Manager & Editor

Debbie Davis lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and dogs. Winters in the high country can last seven months, giving her plenty of time to edit. Which is far better than going cabin fever, ax murder, crazy. She loves all phases of the writing process and enjoys the challenge of helping fellow authors create their best work.

Debbie is looking for quirky characters turned loose in rich, detailed story worlds. She wants complex villains driven by realistic motives and flawed protagonists to take them down. Throw in a love interest to up the stakes, add more conflict, and keep her turning the pages.

Bring on your ghosts, monsters, killers, aliens, and whatever else is lurking in the dark at the bottom of the stairs.

MSWL: Thriller, suspense, mystery, crime, horror, fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi — all with a romantic subplot.

Writers, please don’t send submissions to me personally. See submission details here.