What’s next?

Writing is a process, and for me it’s as unpredictable as a summer storm in the mountains. Sometimes it strikes with lightning bolt intensity and a book writes itself. Other times it’s a long, slow drizzle that goes on and on. And on. Either way, when the storm ends and the sun breaks through the clouds, I have a new story to share.

I will try to update this page often, but like the storms, it will be unpredictable. When a new character walks onto the stage and demands attention, that’s when I start writing.

Stop Down

All reluctant heroine Tayla Bearss wants is to forget the horrific accident that left her burned and disfigured. A groundbreaking facial transplant has given her a second chance at life, until she discovers she can’t escape the past—even with a new face.

As she struggles to accept her new identity, betrayal comes from where she least expects it, and soon turns deadly. Tayla survived the past—barely—but can she survive the future? 

I wrote the first draft of Stop Down a couple years ago, and while I loved the character, something about the story just didn’t grab me. After revision and some intense editing by my awesome editor (thanks, TR!), I still didn’t love it enough to publish. And it got shelved. Then one night, not long ago, I woke up knowing what was missing. It was complete and compelling and left me wide awake — at three o’clocking in the morning. Ugh. So now I’m working on it again with a renewed sense of excitement that is finding its way onto the pages. Such is the writer’s life in my experience. Each writer has their own approach, as unique to them as their stories. And that, my friends, is the beauty of it.

For The Dead

My partner in crime, TR Kerby, and I are well into our third book titled For The Dead. Details coming soon!

Love, loss, life, and death can all be found in the graveyard.