Coauthor – TR Kerby

Writing with TR Kerby is another wonderful adverture shared with my trail buddy. Looking forward to future works with her.

T. R. Kerby has led a life of high adventure and travel to exotic places… ok, not so much, but she has worn a lot of hats. She has been a fry cook, a trail guide, a horse trainer, and a veterinary technician as well as other less interesting things. Her weaknesses include chocolate and rescuing lost souls, mostly animals, but sometimes people. She currently lives in the Rocky Mountains with some of her rescues including her husband, two dogs, and a herd of horses. She brings her varied life experiences to the table in her books and short stories.

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Books By TR Kerby

They took everything…

…except her iron will. 

On the brink of learning the secret behind her father’s death, Trinn’s sheltered world is shattered. She’s untrained and ill prepared for a rescue mission, but her little sister is the only family she has left. She’ll risk everything to get her back. There’s not much time. The rains are coming with winter close behind. What holds her sister isn’t human. It’s older and far more dangerous. Its evil power smolders, needing only one fuel to stoke it to a raging inferno – ancient blood. The blood that flows in Trinn’s veins.

Alone and desperate, she stumbles across a clandestine warrior society who claim to have known her parents. They exist for a single purpose, a purpose for which her parents fought and died.  She needs help… but can she trust them? Will she find the strength to destroy a perverse force before it enslaves them all?

They abducted his children…… and awakened his inner Dragon.Tegedir, Commander of the Order, wants his twins back. Alive. Not in the little pieces promised if he fails to deliver an artifact not seen in centuries. He and his company of volunteers will risk everything to chase a fable. Can it be real? His children’s lives depend on it.To seek it, they must cross a hostile, uncharted land to the north. A land of frozen ice fields and steaming volcanoes. A land that stirs something long dormant in Tegedir. His true nature. Clues to his elusive past taunt him. Beckon him to discover his heritage and unleash his dormant strength. Who is he? Where did he come from? And what will he become to save his children?