Pregnant and Shedding

No, not me! The Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep.

The day was gray and windy, then the sheep appeared and everything seemed brighter. It was good to be among the sheep again. The little band of ewes, who have spent the last couple of months on the other side of their range, are now back in their summer digs. To watch them nibble the new green grasses and budding shrubs is a gift from nature.


The ewes are bright eyed and in good condition. Their bellies are large and there will be new lambs soon. The yearlings were in tow, having survived their first and most challenging year in the high country.


I’m sure the birds welcome the return of the sheep as much as I do. Their shedding winter coats make ideal nesting material. I know spring is here to stay when the sheep return. Welcome home, lovely ladies.



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