Heralds of Spring – The Migration is On

It’s a wonderful Spring in the high country, the time in which nature bounces back after the endurance test that is winter. From a snowy and windblown landscape to flocks of migrating waterfowl in uncountable numbers that arrive throughout the day.


With their arrival comes the spring symphony of chirping and quacking, then the occasional hurricane of wings as a whole flock takes to the sky.

Russell Lakes State Wildlife Area, near Saguache, Colorado, is one of my favorite places to celebrate the arrival of spring. It’s a mecca for migrating waterfowl. A place to rest and feed before continuing their long journey north. Some species will stay and nest here, as if to say, “That’s it. We’ve gone far enough.”

The Sandhill Cranes garner a lot of attention, as well they should. They are spectacular birds. The area is known as “The Valley of the Cranes” and there is a Crane festival in nearby Monte Vista every March.

But let’s not overlook the other species in favor of the Cranes. Ducks, Ibis, raptors, and many more which are all equally as unique and special. To see these flocks of travelers, against a mountain backdrop, is well worth the trip. In fact, it’s just ducky.

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