Month: March 2017

Heralds of Spring – The Migration is On

It’s a wonderful Spring in the high country, the time in which nature bounces back after the endurance test that is winter. From a snowy and windblown landscape to flocks of migrating waterfowl in uncountable numbers that arrive throughout the day. With their arrival…

Windows of Time

Ghosts, dressed in nostalgia and shadows, stand at the windows hoping to share the lost memories of their youth. I step up to the crumbling logs to peer through the window, trying to see into the past. They invite me across the threshold, into…

Of Woods and Words

Creating unique pieces clears my mind for writing and editing my work. Something about the rhythm of the mallet tapping on the chisels frees up my brain. I don’t know how, it just know it works. Whether it’s turning a gnarled branch into a candleholder, hollowing out a…

Summer Star

Troy Hart’s visions of the old west are all fun and games, until the ghost of an outlaw takes over. Ebook available: Amazon

Courageous Cain

Josie’s psychic connection with a vicious, abused dog helps her stop a killer, save her friend, and find her true love. Available in paperback and ebook Amazon