Spring Storm in Colorado

We are enjoying a typical spring storm in the mountains. But if you look close there’s nothing typical about it. Snow softens the tones and textures of the landscape and lends drama to the sky. It brings out the animals and birds to feed.

I have a thing for dirt roads, even when they’re snowy. We set out yesterday to see the sights.


I like the subtle red, brown and green combined with the snow in the branches of a Ponderosa. Peeking up at the sky as the storm begins to break. The first hint of blue that promises warm spring days will soon return.

This very pregnant Bighorn sheep didn’t seem bothered by the weather or the snow that piled up between her horns as she fed in the brush.


On the other hand (paw?) this ground squirrel didn’t seem to appreciate it. I enjoyed watching him pop out of his burrow and hold his little wet toes apart as he surveyed the land for foxes and the sky for hawks. “Oh, ick! It’s on my feet.” Maybe he wanted a ticket to Florida.


Meanwhile, back at home, there is plenty of wildlife action around my bird feeder. If you look closely, two male Redwinged Black Birds are duking it out, beak to beak.


And then there’s Polly. She loves to play in the snow. Ears and lips fly in  the wind of her super-sonic speed. It’s great fun for a Great Dane.


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