Dogs in Portrait – Capturing the Moment

I spend most of my time with my dogs and as a lifelong shutterbug, I’m never far from a camera. The two come together frequently. I’m often asked how I get some of my shots, especially the action photos. It’s a waiting game. I sit down at their level, camera at the ready while I let them do what they would naturally do.

Another frequently asked question is “what is the best camera?” Answer: the one in your hands. The most expensive, top of the line camera that’s left at home or in the car won’t do you any good. Some of my favorite shots were taken with inexpensive compact cameras that I happened to have with me at the right moment. That being said, I don’t have a top of the line full frame camera. Most of these were taken with a seven year old Canon Rebel XSI with a Canon 70-300 lens.

So, without further ado, meet my pack – in portrait.


Two year old Great Dane. Rescued from a bad situation and has been with me since she was five weeks old.

Pollyportrait pollyjump d287529a-8d88-4e97-9752-0b988943ca60_zpsqpzrtepx-2 51a3f77b-5b5d-4495-940b-f102d33c3128_zpsaplgs97n


One year old Boxer mix who we adopted six weeks ago from Big Bones Canine Rescue in Windsor, Colorado.

Ty1month PondTy 8-23-7


Seven year old Rat Terrier who’s been with me since she was 8 weeks old.

8-13-2 Gypflowers gypflower 565b6c2b-bb43-432c-ab06-8b14df1bd2f5_zpsx4tcu327

Boomer. Dear, sweet Boomer passed away in March. We miss him.


Snoop, five year old Jack Russell, who prefers to be the only dog in the house, now lives with my sister-in-law. Snoop enjoys coming over often to visit and play.

9-17-152 9-17-15 9-16-151

Fun with the pack

dogsrun 8-31-6 dogrun 8-23-6 Pollygyp

Get out there with your dogs and have some fun. Camera at the ready. Those photo moments will come and you’ll capture them.

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