Another Excerpt from COURAGEOUS CAIN

Polly and I talked it over and she picked this excerpt from my debut novel, COURAGEOUS CAIN. Enjoy!


When I was growing up, a dog was my best friend and companion, my confidant and sidekick. That had not changed in the years since. No human relationship came close to what I shared with Fletcher. With him there was no pressure to be something I wasn’t. There were no failed expectations. No lies or scheming or cheating. Human love almost always comes with strings. The I’ll love you ifs. I’ll love you if you marry me, support me, give me children, give me money, screw me three times a week and twice on Saturday.

Dogs, on the other hand, love us regardless of our looks, our failures, our faults, or our moods. Their willingness to forgive the worst in us says more about the humanity of dogs than it does about our own.

A good dog will never break your heart like a man will. Stick that in a greeting card and mail it to your sister.


Available for preorder, release date September 7.

A portion of each sale go to Big Bones Canine Rescue. Help us help big dogs in need.

Find it here!

Champagne Books


Barnes & Noble


All Romance 


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