A Dog’s New Life

Ty has been with us one month! What a difference thirty days has made in this dog. He still has some muscle to develop and a few pounds to gain, but he’s getting stronger and healthier every day.

The day we brought him home vs to one month later.

Tyd1 Ty1month

More importantly he is healing emotionally. He’s gone from insecure, wary and frightened to happy, curious and outgoing. His one behavioral issue (destructive chewing due to separation anxiety) has resolved itself and he’s trustworthy.

To celebrate his anniversary, we packed up and spent a day in the mountains (which is how we celebrate pretty much everything around here). Polly has been a great influence for Ty, and has welcomed him into the pack. Yes, a Great Dane and a Boxer mix will fix in the back of a Geo Tracker. Here’s proof!


It was a wonderful, beautiful, drizzly day. The cool temperatures, wet foliage and golden tones were a clear reminder that fall is on its way.

8-31-1 8-31-2


A moose sighting took the day from great to over-the-top fantastic. We sat in the car and enjoyed watching a young bull and a calf munch the willows. The calf’s mother was somewhere in the dense timber behind it. We couldn’t see her, but notice how the calf kept one ear cocked in the direction. I had no desire to get out of the Geo and find out where she was. Moose are temperamental and are best left alone and given plenty of space.


Moose4 Moose3


Ty enjoyed exploring new places and sitting quietly in the Geo watching the moose. We are looking forward to many years of hiking, picnics and fun with Ty.

Please spay and neuter your pets and considering adopting a needy dog – it does your heart good.


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