Polly Goes Hiking

Polly and I went for a nice hike yesterday. At 12,000 feet elevation, the sun was warm and the breeze was cool. There were enough drifting clouds to liven up the Colorado blue sky. The wildflowers are just coming on at that elevation, so there will be flower pics coming in the next couple of weeks. By the way, hiking with a long-legged young Dane with lots of energy is a great calorie burn.

But first, we had to get there. Roadtrip!


First stop, one of our favorite little ponds that is usually dry by mid-summer, so far so good.


A view of the forest path to our picnic spot.


Pretty place to sit and watch nature in all its glory.



And to top off the day, we saw a velvet bull moose on the way home. Watched him (from safe, respectful distance) feeding on the willows.


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