Life Among the Boulders–Inspiration for the Lens and the Keyboard

An afternoon spent sitting quietly among the rocks pays big dividends for the camera. It refreshes body, mind and soul, and provides inspiration for my writing. A western scene? No better place than the Colorado high country. A romance? A perfect place for lovers to find solitude (and maybe a bit of danger). A fantasy? It’s easy to imagine elves or dwarves tramping through these quiet, still forests. Action/survival? High, remote, rough country well suited for a fictional plane crash. Mystery? So many places to become lost or go missing. Historical? The area is rich in mining and railroad history. Children? The animals are endlessly entertaining characters.

The first wonderful sighting of the day–my husband relaxing and enjoying the day at 12,000 feet elevation.


Chipmunks call the rock field home. The rocks provide safe nooks and crannies for burrows and hiding places.


Chipmunk2 Chipmunk1

As do pikas.


Marmots share the rocky castle. This youngster was as curious about me as I was about it.

Marmot2 Marmot3 Marmot1

The mother kept a close eye on me.


The ermine hunts the boulders for his meal. It came very close as I sat among the rocks. What an incredible gift!

Ermine3 Ermine2 Ermine1

I have also been privileged to see the ermine sporting a pristine winter coat.


Sit quietly, be patient, and nature will reward you.

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