The Boys in Velvet

It’s officially summer and the boys are wearing velvet. The bigger, badder, and more masculine they are, the more velvet they are sporting.

This yearling bull elk (on the left), whose little antlers are still shorter than his ears, will be losing the pretty cow come fall when the big bulls show up.


These two mule deer bucks are chums for now. Once they rub velvet in the fall they’ll put those antlers to use.


I took this shot from my dining room window. It was a gift of late afternoon light on a velvet buck.


Here’s some serious velvet on this bull moose. He was bedded down in the willows by the road and velvet was about all I could see. (Always use extreme caution around moose and never approach them!) I kept my distance, used a 70-300 lens, and never got out of my vehicle. A couple quick shots and I left him alone.


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