We’re Making Progress!

My debut novel, Courageous Cain, is now in the hands of the copy editor. It’s another step on the road to publication. This has been an amazing learning experience. My editor, the wonderful Nikki Andrews, made some suggestions (and corrections!) which have improved the story where it needed it, shortened it where it required it, and gave me an essential boost of confidence in it.

Putting yourself out there with a first book is daunting and exciting. It’s so good to have the support and confidence of others who have gone down this road to publication before.  My heartfelt thanks go out to Nikki and everyone at Champagne Book Group.  The release date for Courageous Cain is September 7, 2015. As I sit here on June 25, it’s seems like forever. On the other hand, it’s rushing toward me at lightning speed.

Thanks, guys!



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