The Writing Desk

I like to immerse myself in my story worlds as much as possible. I have four writing desks in various places and each has its own feel. I also write outside a lot. I just park it under a tree or by an old cabin. Sometimes I take my laptop and sometimes it’s a pad and pen.

When it’s time to write a western scene, this is my go-to desk. It provides the right (write?) inspiration every time.


I sit on the bank of the pond frequently where the critics are just ducky.


Where do you like to write?

2 Comments on “The Writing Desk

  1. I like to write at my simple computer desk littered with sticky notes and reference books for my novel. The large almost full width of the wall windows overlook the Oslo suburb I live in. My windows face a park with a pond and so there are always seagulls flying and now in the summer nesting Arctic Terns. It is a beautiful setting.

    I also like to curl up with a notebook and pen (anywhere I happen to sit or lay) for the more challenging or difficult to write scenes. There is something irreplaceable about the connection I feel with a pen and paper. The simplicity and the stark ink on the white paper seems to really concretize the scenes when they are challenging or particularly emotional. I feel more connected to what I am writing with pen and paper and that allows me to dig deeper and get at the really important stuff.

    Thank you for asking this, I never really considered my writing space before.

    May the Words be with you!
    Lady Earlene


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